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“Challenging and stimulating from day one.”

When Magnus Blixt stepped in the door as a new employee at GDM, he was welcomed by a happy bunch and a family-like spirit. Ten years later, he’s is still just as happy there. “It has been challenging and stimulating from day one at GDM,” he says.

Magnus Blixt started at GDM in 2003 and today works primarily with the development of the case management system BMC Remedy, which he also has administrative responsibility for.

That he’s been a GDMer for 10 years already he can barely comprehend himself.

“Time really does fly when you’re having fun, and it has really been fun to work here from the first day,” he says.

He divides his working hours between GDM’s offices in Sundsvall and being on assignment at customers’ premises.

“I enjoy developing and simplifying everyday life for us here internally and externally for the customer. It’s lots of fun to be out on site with customers, getting to talk to them and developing solutions and proposals for improvements that make life easier for them.”

Honesty wins the customer’s confidence

As a representative of GDM, Magnus always knows that he can stand tall.

“Yes, I walk tall. I believe that our customers perceive GDM to be an honest and reliable partner. We always do everything in our power to deliver what we have promised,” he says.

He sees the company’s focus on long-term relationships as a real strength and the key to GDM’s success.

“We don’t make promises that we cannot keep and we are not looking for quick deals. This is an attitude that I think makes us strong in the market.”

Magnus appreciates the variation that his work at GDM offers.

“It’s easy to become involved in different projects here and I have the opportunity to work with everything from small cases to big business deals.”

Another advantage is that he can influence what he wants to do, and in what career direction he wants to go.

“One could say that this is a simple workplace, free from hierarchy. As employees, we feel involved in most things and can always say what we think.”

The GDM spirit reinforces cohesion

The collegiate atmosphere is also special at GDM, Magnus thinks. He clearly remembers his first impression of his colleagues as “a fantastically fun bunch” and even though the company has grown steadily over the years, this family-like GDM spirit that he got to know then is still strong.

“When we all meet together, we really feel like GDMers. We can be ourselves and everyone can talk to everyone.”

A GDMer also wants to have fun at work and the departments add a gilt edge to the everyday with Friday lunches together, after work get-togethers, and floorball. GDM Run, a club for joggers, is now also in full swing and the feeling of camaraderie emerging from there is welcome to spread itself around.

“We also try to get our customers to enjoy having us around. We care about our relationships, just as it should be in a family,” says Magnus Blixt.