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Dedicated commitment to a sustainable environment.

GDM has a long-term approach to sustainability and is continually working towards a sustainable environment. The company’s goal is to minimise any impact its own operations have on the environment and to promote the judicious use of natural resources.

Environment management

GDM conducts its operations with the environment in mind and works towards solutions where environment-saving measures can be realised. This is done, for instance, by considering the environment when deciding on purchases and choice of collaboration partners, energy-saving, recovery, waste reduction, and making sensible choices regarding transports and business trips:

  • GDM is continually striving to increase the environmental awareness of all its workers.
  • GDM chooses suppliers and collaboration partners that give environmental issues top priority.
  • GDM actively chooses products and systems on the basis of parameters such as energy consumption and suppliers’ recovery programmes.
  • GDM takes the environment into consideration when choosing transports and products. To encourage more climate-smart local transports, GDM also supplies bicycles that its workers can borrow.
  • GDM cooperates with subcontractors that handle the transport of obsolete equipment, deletion of data, anonymisation of any markings, destruction or sale after value-assessment, and recovery.
  • GDM uses virtual cloud services that promote more rational, centralised and climate-effective operations.
  • GDM endeavours, where possible, to conduct operations and provide support by using remote control tools in order to minimise transport needs and climate impact.
  • GDM only buys Green Electricity produced by renewable energy sources.