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A reliable partner

A likeable and competent bunch for who service to the customer is paramount – while also being a profitable and rapidly growing business. That’s how GDM wants to be perceived. Our vision is to be the best in Sweden in the area of Functional IT.

GDM came into being in 1992 as an IT support function for the hygiene and forest products company SCA. Our company is therefore well versed in industrial ways of thinking, and we understand the importance of maintaining a production-critical IT environment.

Today, GDM is a strategic O&M partner to customers in a wide range of industries, and SCA remains one of our biggest customers.

Over the years, GDM has built up extensive experience in providing for the needs of businesses and organisations for efficient and effective IT production and production-critical ICT infrastructure. In the 2000s, GDM has grown rapidly, through both recruitment and some smaller acquisitions. Our head office in Sundsvall has been supplemented with branches in Stockholm and Östersund.

The company’s founder Tommy Gustafsson can think of a number of reasons why GDM has managed to grow steadily by 25% per year, but among these he emphasises a consistent way of working and successful recruitment:

“Our strength lies mainly in our long-term commitment, our feeling for quality and caring about our customers, and not least in a methodology that is underpinned by efficient employees, processes and support systems.

A long-term perspective is our most important guiding principle.

GDM looks for long-term and stable relationships with its customers, employees and partners, and assignments where we can contribute confidence and efficiency. As part of our ongoing strategic development work, we take conscious steps to improve quality and the value of our cooperation with customers and partners.

Other important reasons for GDM’s positive development are transparency and closeness in our customer relations, delivery quality, cost-effectiveness and low staff turnover.

GDM is planning for a continued annual growth of 20%, and to strengthen our basic business strategy of having 15–20 main customers within three separate industries. Our vision is to be the best in Sweden in Functional IT.”