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A journey through time

In its first few years, GDM operated as a sole proprietorship on a very modest scale. But once founder Tommy Gustafsson realised that IT was more profitable than touring as the drummer in a covers band, the company took off.

Did you know that GDM in fact stands for Gustafsson Data & Music? The company was started in 1992 as a direct result of the end of Tommy Gustafsson’s project-based employment as a PC technician at SCA Ortviken.

At that time there was a hiring freeze at SCA, but IT was growing rapidly and for the bold, there were opportunities for continued work in the form of consultant assignments. Tommy could not foresee the consequences of his decision, but he very much wanted to continue working at SCA and so he registered a business name as a sole proprietorship at the Swedish Patent and Registration Office: GDM (Gustafsson Data & Musik) Konsult. A name that reflected well this young man’s areas of interest.

Tommy Gustafsson made sure that he looked after his first customer well. His customer appreciated the level of service and commitment from this small company, and ordered more assignments. After a couple of years, Tommy was overloaded with work and decided to become a proper entrepreneur. He formed a limited liability company and started hiring people. Suddenly he was an employer and a manager.

Initially, the business was not particularly formalised and any problems that arose were solved as they occurred. But Tommy was very successful with his recruitments. He employed friendly and positive people who didn’t hesitate to work energetically to solve problems as they occurred.

And that’s how things have continued. The GDM spirit of camaraderie and its somewhat family-like atmosphere are now talked about even outside the walls of the company. Staff turnover is low. This commitment to customers and to solving their problems has persisted. GDM has now established itself as a strong brand among IT companies in Sweden.

Tommy Gustafsson himself describes it as a fantastically exciting and instructive journey – which has still only really just started.

But what about the music? Don’t worry; it’s alive and kicking in both the company name and as an ever-present part of its culture. And the boss has not hung up his drumsticks.

GDM Facts

  • 1992 – Company starts as a sole proprietorship
  • 1995 – First employee
  • 1998 – GDM becomes a limited liability company
  • 2001 – 12 employees
  • 2003 – New Board of Directors
  • 2005 – 28 employees
  • 2007 – 35 employees
  • 2009 – 45 employees
  • 2011 – Establishment in Stockholm and Östersund. 75 employees.
  • 2014 – 100 employees