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DM as a local operating partner backs up globally growing Permobil.

Permobil’s strong growth is making the IT department’s availability increasingly essential. GDM’s Service Desk service, 24/7 operation and technical specialists enable Permobil’s offensive development of its core operations.

With an annual growth of more then 10% for over 20 years, both organisationally and through acquisitions of other companies all over the world, Permobil is a true success story. Success that means that well-functioning IT is becoming increasingly important.

With GDM as its partner, Permobil receives help with the technical operation of external websites and its new business system, MS Dynamics AX. This frees up Permobil’s own resources to continue to develop its business. GDM also provides its Service Desk service globally along with technical specialists for local operation and various projects.

“This allows us to accelerate faster. With a structured service delivery, we raised our quality with Service Desk as a function. With extremely extensive changes and expansion in our IT environment, a very large number of service cases (currently about 800) are generated every month. It therefore provides essential relief for our IT department. Response times have also become shorter and quality has increased, a result that we are very pleased with”, says Jonas Westerlund, Global IT Operation Manager at Permobil.


Technical solutions for the right service
With 1,000 employees around the world, acquisitions of new companies and the complex production process required to make unique customisations of electric wheelchairs and disabled cars to meet the needs of individual users, one thing that was needed was a new business system.

“Employees at Permobil are working more and more together across country borders and time zones. There must then be no technical obstacles in the way and that’s why a common business system is a must. We have now improved our internal infrastructure to a good level and to move on to the next stage more external services are needed.”


The business system runs round the clock
Getting the entire business system up and running is estimated to take about four years. Since the system covers the whole global organisation and has the capacity to handle everything from HR and finance to production and sales, GDM has to deliver high availability.

“The demand for availability first increased as the company grew and with our global presence it now has to be available round the clock. An increase that the internal IT department does not have staff for. GDM have therefore been given responsibility for delivering the technical 24/7 operation of the business system’s servers”, Jonas says.

By monitoring the system and handling deviations and disruptions in the hardware, the operating system and critical system components, they can restore affected services at a moment’s notice.

“Implementation of the business system has been going on for almost two years now and different modules are gradually being completed. As AX is being used more and more, it is Permobil’s most critical operational system outright”, Jonas continues.


Flexibility provides scope for growth
Both in the from of specialist competence and relief in day-to-day operations, GDM is a reliable supplier for Permobil’s IT department.

“Having collaborated for over two years, we know that we can rely on GDM. By being flexible to our needs, they make collaboration possible despite constant, and sometimes horrifically fast, growth. That our suppliers have a degree of flexibility in their services is crucial for our future at the present time. Permobil is a big ‘small company’ that is growing into a small ‘big company’ and GDM is a very important component on that journey”, Jonas rounds off.


Permobil AB manufactures electric wheelchairs that are individually customised to meet the user’s needs. The company was founded in 1963 by Per Uddén, is at the very forefront as regards technology, and has become one of the world’s leading suppliers in its field. The company’s head office is in Timrå, just north of Sundsvall. The company is owned today by Investor.