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Alert and reliable partner impresses Svensk Markservice

When Svensk Markservice wanted to procure an IT supplier, GDM was invited to tender at the last minute and came out the winner.

“I can safely say that we made the right choice,” says controller Jonas Hallenbom.

Svensk Markservice cares for and installs outdoor environments throughout Sweden. In conjunction with a change of ownership in 2010, they needed to contract an external IT supplier and did so by putting it out to tender.

“We put together the tender dossier, and we intended to invite two suppliers to tender. But then we invited a third supplier as well, and this was GDM,” says Jonas Hallenbom, controller with IT responsibility.

When the tenders came in, there was no doubt about which one was best for the task. “While the other companies we contemplated hiring proposed solutions that suited their own existing systems, GDM was ready to adapt to Svensk Markservice.

They gave us the best, most complete responses to the questions we asked, and they also had attractive pricing. I can safely say that we made the right choice. Our cooperation has continued in the same good spirit since then,” says Jonas Hallenbom.

GDM is now Svensk Markservice’s biggest supplier of IT and manages all operation and support, among other things. Jonas Hallenbom sees GDM as an alert and reliable partner.

“I’ve been impressed many times by their speed. They are flexible and proactive, and come up with their own ideas about what could be developed. We simply cannot get a better deal with an IT supplier anywhere else,” he says.