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Permascand chose GDM for a new route out to the world market

Permascand had six months to develop and launch a new IT environment. The solution came from GDM, who created an effective platform with a fast and secure route out to the world market.
“GDM really listened to what we needed,” says marketing manager Jan-Olof Strömberg.

Ljungaverk is a small town in the province of Medelpad, roughly in the middle of Sweden. It’s Permascand’s base, where the majority of its 130 employees are gathered. The company manufactures cells and electrodes for the electrochemical industry, subsea titanium process equipment for the offshore industry, and water purification systems.

They operate in an international market and have annual sales of around SEK 300 million.

For a long time, the company was part of a large group of companies, and so were also part of the group’s IT environment which was managed from abroad. Since a change of ownership in November 2012, the company has been on its own. This change meant that Permascand needed to build its own IT platform, with new software and new infrastructure.

“When our ownership changed, we basically had to start from a blank sheet of paper. We had an agreement with our former owners to remain in their IT environment for six months to enable us to migrate to our new environment in a controlled way. So that was the deadline we had,” says marketing manager Jan-Olof Strömberg.

Well-founded ideas and clear pricing from GDM

Permascand was looking for an IT supplier who could design the new solution, carry out a secure and painless implementation, and provide continued operation, maintenance and support services. GDM’s presentation stood out among a number of potential players.

“GDM’s representatives had done their homework and were prepared with well-founded ideas about their solutions to our specific situation. The other IT companies had ready-made solutions that they wanted to apply to our problems – and everyone else’s,” says Jan-Olof Strömberg.

The proposal from GDM also had a clear price tag that fell within our budget range and was therefore also an economically sustainable option.

New systems a boost for employees

Cooperation started immediately and over an intensive weekend in spring 2013, it was time for the implementation. The transition meant that 150 workstations and a number of servers needed to be updated, involving manual interventions.

“There were about ten of us on site when we were virtually going to pull the plug on the old system and plug in the new one. Everything went smoothly without any major hiccups and on Monday most of the systems were up and running as they should,” says CFO Lars Bohman.

Right from the start, Permascand had an open attitude to modern solutions and chose Microsoft Office 365 based on GDM’s suggestion. This cloud-based service offers a cost-effective platform for e-mail, document management and collaboration that employees have access to wherever they are in the world.

A timber track replaced by their own slip road to the motorway

Permascand has primarily international customers and its own sales representatives in Norway, Asia and Canada. The company was previously dependent on a very limited Internet connection that went via its parent company. The new 100 Mbit broadband connection has been a real boost. Meetings between employees at different sites around the world can easily be held using the video-conferencing application Microsoft Lync.

“There is a huge difference in speed and quality for us now. You could describe it as that we previously had a single-lane timber track out to the motorway. Now we have our own, first-rate slip road directly to the motorway,” says Jan-Olof Strömberg.

“We chose right”

Permascand has entrusted both O&M and support to GDM. After having worked in the new system for a year, the company’s management are very satisfied and ready to look at further development opportunities for its internal systems.

“GDM made a good impression, was creative, flexible and came up with new ideas right from the outset. We now know that we chose right,” says CFO Lars Bohman, who recommends the company’s IT supplier to others:

“GDM adapts the system to the customer rather than adapting the customer to an already existing system. That is their greatest strength.”