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HL Display chooses GDM as its partner for the future

Industry leader HL Display operates in the international arena. With experience from many years’ collaboration under their belt, GDM enjoys the company’s continuing confidence as HL Display’s partner for the future as it prepares to enter the public cloud.

“The best thing for HL Display is to continue and further develop our collaboration with GDM”, says IT Manager Fredrik Birkhammar.

HL Display is a leading international supplier of products and solutions for shop communication and product exposure. With 1,000 users in the IT system, pressure is very heavy. 
As long ago as 2009, GDM took over responsibility, primarily for operation and support. The five-year contract was signed after GDM had won HL Display’s trust in stiff competition with other well-qualified players.

“Our objective with a new IT partner was to raise the quality of our service delivery and at the same time lower our costs. That was also our original motive for choosing GDM. They met our requirements”, says IT Manager Fredrik Birkhammar.


Strong will to develop behind a long-term contract

Now the two companies have decided to meet the future together. A new multi-year contract has been signed and HL Display has begun to shift its capacity to the cloud.

“One big advantage with GDM is that they develop continuously and are willing to adopt new technology. That is why they’re also well-qualified to help us with our move to the cloud”, says Fredrik Birkhammar goes on.

GDM are thus taking on the role of service integrator with the task of creating an optimum hybrid solution with the capacity that HL Display needs and from the most suitable locations.


Knowledge of the customer guarantees reliable delivery

With GDM’s knowledge of its customer and control of the entire production side, HL Display continues to trust them to continue to deliver the security and stability the company needs. GDM’s continuous improvement of their established report and follow-up model is fully in line with HL Display’s demands and wishes.

“We have taken a number of important steps together over the years and we still feel that it is best for HL Display to continue and develop its collaboration with GDM still further”, says Fredrik Birkhammar and continues, 

“We have a good platform for our collaboration and well-established routines, that at the same time are founded on a strictly commercial interface. We make detailed assessments and follow-ups to see that we really get what we pay for. We do – and that’s a very important element in our collaboration.

 With their drive to develop in combination with their determination to provide good service, GDM simplify our day-to-day IT operations.

GDM’s strength is that they are always highly motivated and do their best to support our systems and users”, Fredrik Birkhammar.


A few facts about HL Display
HL Display is present in 47 markets around the world and has its own sales offices in 35 countries, eleven regional service centres with stocks and four factories in Europe and Asia. GDM serves all the company’s units around the world and is responsible for monitoring, communication, operation, support and capacity services.
The assignment also includes IT responsibility for the production units.