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SSG chooses GDM as partner for the future

For over 50 years, SSG has served its industry with smart solutions. When the company was going to choose a key partner for its future IT operation, they chose GDM.

“So far they have always ensured that problems were solved, whatever time we have called: Saturday, Sunday or in the middle of night,” says IT manager Benny Sundholm.

Standard Solutions Group (SSG) solve problems and develop standards for industry. The company’s IT department collaborates with several external IT partners, and when a principal supplier of operation and service desk services was to be selected, SSG decided to sign an agreement with GDM.

“We wanted to streamline things and purchase as much as possible from the same player. I had worked with GDM before and it felt natural to expand the existing agreement that we had with them,” says IT manager Benny Sundholm.

The new, long-term agreement covers GDM’s entire service offering including operation, administration, infrastructure specialists, and project resources.

Benny Sundholm sees it as an advantage that GDM also has its roots in Sundsvall.  He is also convinced that GDM is an IT partner that can operate even in a global context, because he has worked with GDM previously in the role of IT manager for another group of companies with operations in both Europe and Asia. This both tested and strengthened their trust and confidence in each other.

Benny Sundholm knows that he always gets a rapid response.

“GDM has really short decision-making paths. I can call directly to the management and know that I’ll get a response straight away.”