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“It’s a strength to have a local company manage our Service Desk”

Forest Products PC (FPPC) is the solution that has streamlined IT operations at SCA Forest Products.
“Now all you need to do is upgrade in one place and 3,000 users automatically get the latest versions of the programs,” says Anders Samuelsson, IT Manager at SCA Graphic Sundsvall.

The characteristic odour of wood chips gets stronger the further you come into the site at Ortviken paper mill. IT manager Anders Samuelsson, who is responsible for ensuring that the administrative systems for all of SCA Graphic Sundsvall factories function properly, has his workplace there, inside the office building. Including group companies SCA Skog, SCA Timber and SCA Transforest, that means responsibility for close to 3,000 PC users.

In order to streamline its IT operations, SCA developed a new platform for the installation and maintenance of its PC workstations: Forest Products PC or FPPC. The system has been installed in all of SCA’s PCs in Sweden and also those at SCA’s sales offices abroad.

“Our users have 150-200 different programs, which have required a great deal of manual handling in the past. Now, new programs are installed in only one place and then updated automatically in the users’ PCs,” says Anders Samuelsson.

Consultants from GDM have played a key role in the development of the system and the roll-out of the new PC platform.

“GDM’s staff are very responsive to changes. They listen to what we want to do and respond professionally.” GDM is also responsible for the Service Desk that SCA’s PC users contact when something goes wrong.

“They handle around 2000 calls from SCA per month and it all works very well,” says Anders Samuelsson. GDM’s assignment for SCA has been growing in scope year on year.

“Their consultants are coming into our projects earlier and earlier and taking more and more responsibility,” says Anders Samuelsson, who emphasizes the benefits of engaging a local company.

“Our cooperation runs very smoothly and it’s fast and easy to put together a team with the appropriate competencies for a meeting,” he says. SCA has been cooperating successfully with GDM since the company started in 1992.

“GDM is cost-effective, and our cooperation has been great throughout all these years,” says Anders Samuelsson.

SCA Graphic Sundsvall manufactures chlorine-free, bleached softwood sulphate pulp and Chemical Thermo Mechanical Pulp (CTMP) at the Östrand pulp mill, as well as newsprint and lightweight coated paper (LWC) at the Ortviken paper mill. SCA Graphic Sundsvall is part of the SCA Forest Products business unit.